Got SweetFX to work again and damn I missed it. Obligatory Blazeridge steppes colours and lighting appreciation post :D


»Blightghast the Plaguebringer

Together, the three Orders of Tyria took back Claw Island and defeated the Plaguebringer, one of Zhaitan’s greatest dragon champions. The city of Lion’s Arch is no longer in danger. With one blow, we avenged the loss of my mentor and proved that the Pact can conquer any enemy.

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raullis and ael B^)

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Epic Rap Battles of Tyria

Round 4 

Mad King Thorn:
I just flew in from the Underworld,
And boy are my arms tired!
I came here for a rap battle,
But my opponent’s already expired!
Palawa, you’re the only Joko that will never get a laugh
So now let’s play a game, or else you’ll feel my wrath
Mad King Says to /kneel, and /beg, /Beg, /BEG!!!
What’s that? I couldn’t hear you. I’VE GOT A PUMPKIN ON MY HEAD!!!

Palawa Joko:
Oh. What’s this? Well, look what we have here.
Did someone forget that you only get let out one time a year?
Go back to your realm, candy man, because out here, no one’s laughing
And I promise you no sugar coating on the verbal barbs I’M rapping
Get back, hack, I’m going on the attack
Battle with me, and the decks are stacked
I’ll lay you out faster than I razed Elona, that’s why I’m the Scourge
Your court will stop their revelry, they’ll have to write your dirge!

Mad King Thorn:
You need to lighten up, here: this next joke’s just for you
Just look into this mirror, so that you can see it too!
I’m only out for Halloween, one day is all I can take
I couldn’t stomach 364 more if it meant I’d have to see YOUR face!
You can’t borrow money from a dwarf, because they’re always a little short
And I can’t expect a battle from you, because you’ve got no good retorts!
You conquered a little bit of Elona, and then got sealed away
I take over entire cities ‘cross continents, and people celebrate!
When I say “Knock, knock”, there is no choice,
You’d better say “Who’s there?”
Because it’s Mad King Thorn, and you’ve been warned, 
That I’ve got you running scared!

Palawa Joko:
You talk pretty tough… for a man with an invisible pony
Nothing brings out vitriol more than learning a dude’s a brony!
My army would literally devour yours, that much is fundamental
The only reason they haven’t yet is I won’t pay for their dental!
You surround yourself with freaks, and a bunch of candy corn men
The only place you could beat me is your land of play pretend!
I’m the stuff of nightmares, I’m terrifying,
Grown men think of me and they break down crying
Your idea of a battle is playing rock, paper, scissors
You bring the kind of woe that can overflow a fissure
Stomping you out is a matter that’s trivial
If it wasn’t for dwarves, you would have no material! 

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Hello everyone!
Do you write Guild Wars 2 Fanfiction?
Want a chance to get paid for it with in game gold as well as having it on the front page of a website for GW2 stories?
Well, I have exciting news then! Over at Chronicles of Tyria, we are holding another contest to bring a new writer (or writers) onto our team! 

Here’s a quote from our Editor-in-chief to explain a bit further:

"About Chronicles of Tyria

Chronicles of Tyria began as a fan fiction website in 2012, following the first narrative stories of tyrian characters. As the community grew, so did the website, evolving from being fan fiction only to having a weekly podcast , forums, memes and a lot more.


To celebrate the second anniversary of Guild Wars 2, the upcoming feature pack, as well as the anniversary of CoT’s creation, we are launching a brand new writing contest. The contest winner will have the opportunity to become a permanent writer for the website. This is a long-term opportunity, with significant potential to get your name and work out into the Guild Wars 2 community in addition to being able to have access to a platform to publish your creativity.


Introduce your character to the readership in approximately 1,500 words. Either a prologue to the story that you will pursue, or the first chapter of said story, will be acceptable.


  • First place : Permanent position on the CoT writing team
  • Second place : Permanent position on the writing team or submission added as a one-shot (Will be decided by the staff of CoT)
  • Third place : Submission added as a one-shot to the website

Payment System

With this new contest, we are introducing a payment system for our writing team. This will be an in-game system that will grant every writer 5 gold for every post they publish. This system has been put it in place to acknowledge the time our writers take out of their free time, as well as the game, to help the website.

For more information about the specifics of the contest and how to become part of the CoT writing team. Click Here

~Jalinar, Editor-in-chief of Chronicles of Tyria”

If you have any friends/followers who may be interested, please help us pass this along!

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Symbol of the Inquest

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PRIORY | ᴋɴᴏᴡʟᴇᴅɢᴇ ɪs ᴛʜᴇ ɢʀᴇᴀᴛᴇsᴛ ᴛʀᴇᴀsᴜʀᴇ

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So while I didn’t see this in the patch notes, there are THREE NEW HEARTS in the game! Thankfully they are in starting zones so they are easy to find and easy to do.

The first is in Caldeon forest in Astorea where you help the farmers keep the fields clear and feed moas.

The second and third are in the Plains of Ashford just outside Smokestead. One is helping out with the cattle, the other is clearing out skritt at the canon range.

All three hearts are very easy to do and are very conveniently located in the starting areas right outside the main cities. So if anyone is wondering why their world completion percentage has changed, that is why.

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Beautiful day in Bloodtide Coast.

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It is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month! 

I am a survivor myself so this is important to me. If anyone remembers, Ysebeau sported the colors all last September. :) I’m a little late this year but whatever, for the rest of the month all of my characters will be in pink, purple and teal! If you’d like to join me, whisper me and we can take screenshots together! :) 

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Nobody can contain 2-MULT.

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Hidden Place

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New upcomming outfits?

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