This sunday I went to a fantasy con/fair in my country (Elf Fantasy Fair) dressed in human t3 heavy! The weather was perfect and I had a super nice day and saw many awesome costumes. I put it together quite hastily (especially the boots hahaha) because I had a lot to do for school, but quite some people recognised it anyway which was super cool. :D I only forgot to put on the gloves when my mom was taking pics and the red cloth goes a bit derp on my left side. xD

It’s no super masterpiece but I thought maybe some of you would like to see it. :P 



Kekai Kotaki?


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[Lich Form]
Assume the form of a lich for a brief time. Entering this form destroys all minions and removes other spectral effects.

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Some must fight so that others can lay around dead instead of waypointing.

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Stupid Norn sketches between actual work!!

Lyrecast is my catty thief babe.

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Guild Wars 2 god statues, with some early progress designs

I knew I recognized these!!


art boner


Happy Easter to you all!

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CooooOOOooo Quaggan likes to be an asshole to random swimmers!

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I hit 9,000 Achievement points and my lord this hat, I’m a sucker for fire stuff I guess.

Armoured Bears in Glasses ft. Rexar Doomsurge & Ulrik Wolfmane

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Tiny Tyria - Trader’s Forum.

Tiny Tyria is a series of edited screenshots that create the illusion of a miniature city.

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The new PvP map, Courtyard. I choose to believe this is the sky seen in Sunrise.

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