god i s2g rahast is the babest of babes

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I wanted to make a group picture of my Sylvari and while I was arranging the screenshots I noticed that they could very well represent the 4 seasons with some imagination. :D Asvata being the blooming flowers in spring, Pseron the scorching summer heat, Arieluma the autumn leaves and Haesia the winter frost.


me after i log out after playing guild wars 2

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Breaking your leg in Guild Wars 2


Other Races: -screams in pain-

Norn: *annoyed tone* not the leg…

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Groggie and Kuaya were just dancing when suddenly… Kuaya accidentally hit Groggie in the face! Groggie cried and poor Kuaya felt so guilty! Luckily everything was okay again after a few minutes and hugs and they could continue their dance. ^^

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The Keeper of Light.

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New face. New haircut. Look at this handsome devil.

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They… they killed my mini…

Well that’s it Flame Legion. That was the last straw. Enjoy your last moments in the land of the living, because you’ll soon feel the might of the Pact kicking you to the Mists.

There, there - it was only an ooze!


Only an ooze? Only an ooze? :( They are super cute!

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Actually if a computer lacks an installed game that another computer has, you still have to reinstall / patch the game on the new computer even if you've transferred the files. I've tried it before with GW2 and Skyrim, neither of which worked.

Really? I didn’t know! For my laptop it works but maybe it didn’t have to patch a lot or I just forgot, it’s almost 1 year ago after all. :) 



So I got a new computer yesterday. Guess I’m retiring my main laptop now that I’ve got this setup. It’s got Windows 8.1, which I’m still trying to figure out, but hey, can’t have your cake and eat it too.

At least this is really quick about booting up Photoshop, and now I don’t have to worry about hard drive space and where to store all my files. That is, after I transfer the massive file collection over.

image  …So many files.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited. At least this system should be able to handle CAD and 3D modeling software better than my laptop did (i.e. not melting the motherboard and constantly overheating).

Anyway, with that, I’ve got a couple of questions for y’all following me here on my main blog.

Does GW2 run on Windows 8.1?
If so, how long does it take to do a full install and patch in with the latest updates?

I really want to get back in game as soon as possible, once I get more things set up/transferred onto this new computer and get that awful load of online class homework out of the way.

Also to anyone I might ever be doing things in-game with, sorry if I seem clumsier and slower than usual for a while after this. I’m still getting used to this keyboard with raised keys and F1-F4 keys being a bit further away. I was reliant on my flat-keyed laptop keyboard for the longest time and raised keys are still pretty awkward for me to use.

Can’t you just transfer your GW2 folder/files directly onto your new computer if you have it on your laptop? Then there’s no need to redownload the game + patches. :) 

I made Apidae for my thief. :D Normally I never use p/p but well why show 1 when you can have 2? I would like to get the sword and dagger too, but need to find the fossils first. :(



Good luck frand




Showcase: Kekai Kotaki (

Guild Wars 2 concept art


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